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Note: The E2 Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reporting and Sanitary Sewer Overflow application has been tested and certified using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. Microsoft Edge, Netscape, Google Chrome, and other browsers do not suitably support the full functionality of this application.

For online documents, you will need Adobe Reader to view or print these materials. Please use the links below to obtain or update these applications as needed.
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On November 15, 2021, E2 made the transition to the new Alabama Environmental Permitting and Compliance System (AEPCS). You will need to get registered in AEPACS. You can access it at You will have to create a new account, but will automatically be linked to the same facilities you are currently linked to in the ADEM E2 system if you use the same email address and it was not associated with more than one E2 account.

We have an “About AEPACS” page ( that provides general information about the site. This page is currently under development and additional information will be added in the future.

Please note, AEPACS works well with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox… but not Internet Explorer.

Identity Proofing / Signature Agreement
When you select the option to create a new account, you will be taken to our Web Portal. The current version of our Web Portal User’s Guide is available at This contains information on how to identity proof your new account, which will need to be completed in order to make submissions of forms on the AEPACS site. The information about the E2 transition and identity proofing for these accounts currently begins on page 38.

Claim a Site
Please see our “About AEPACS” page at for general information on our new system. Under the heading “How Do I Get Started?”, you will find instructions on how to claim an existing site.

Viewing and Submitting DMRs
Instructions on viewing and submitting DMRs can be found at

Excel Upload of DMR Results
In the left-hand menu, click on “Apps, Requests and Reports” and then click on “View DMRs” to load the DMR page. In the upper left corner of the DMR page, please click on the “File Upload” button. On this page, you will be able to upload your DMR data in an Excel or XML format. Before uploading any forms, please review the instructions at the bottom of the page for information on what information must be included for the file to be accepted. Please note that this format is not the same as the one previously submitted in the E2 system.

DMR Attachments
The AEPACS system does not allow you to attach documents directly to DMRs. If you have supplemental information to submit for your DMR, please click on Apps, Requests and Reports and then New and Draft Assigned Forms. You will find a list of supplemental forms related to your permit on this page.