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>>>Please do not submit blank DMRs (no parameters listed). Contact the e2 Admin at<<<...

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) is providing a web-enabled electronic environmental (E2) reporting system for wastewater facilities to streamline the management of discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) reports required under the Alabama wastewater regulation program.

The E2 DMR and SSO system provides wastewater facilities with an alternative way to submit DMR and SSO data and allow the ADEM to electronically validate the data, acknowledge receipt, and upload data to state's central wastewater database.

Implementing this new system will reach the goal of improving the management of data associated with the Department's wastewater monitoring program. The E2 system will:

  • Save wastewater treatment facilities compliance costs with a streamlined reporting method and readily available computer tools.
  • Save programmatic costs by reducing resources required for managing paper-based DMR and SSO reports.
  • Improve the accuracy of compliance data by eliminating potential errors that will be otherwise introduced through manual data entry.
  • Improve the state wastewater discharge treatment programs' overall effectiveness while offering alternatives for less process to the regulated community.

If you have questions or problems with the e2 system please contact the e2 Admin at

ALERT!! Upcoming Transition from E2 to AEPACS

The Department will be transitioning from the E2 Reporting System to the Alabama Environmental Permitting and Compliance System (AEPACS) for the submittal of DMRs and SSO Reports on November 15, 2021. This will be Phase 2 of the NPDES program’s transition to the AEPACS system and will include State Indirect Discharge (SID) and Underground Injection Control (UIC) facilities as well. AEPACS is an electronic system that allows facilities to apply for and maintain permits as well as submit other required applications, registrations, and certifications. In addition, the system allows facilities to submit required compliance reports or other information to the Department.

The Department will be using the E2 User account information to set up a similar User Profile in AEPACS based on the following criteria:

  1. The user has logged in to E2 since October 1, 2019; and
  2. The E2 user account is set up using a unique email address.

Once the transition to AEPACS occurs, E2 users that meet the above criteria will only need to establish an ADEM Web Portal account ( under the same email address as their E2 account to have the same permissions in AEPACS as they did in E2. They will also automatically be linked to the same facilities they were in E2. (Note: If you make a web portal account and log into AEPACS prior to the transition, you will not be linked the any of the Phase 2 facilities)

Please review the “Basic Information” under “My Account” to ensure that all your information is correct and current. Please pay special attention to the email address. If the email address or other information is incorrect, please send an email to the E2 Administrator at to notify the Department of the corrections that are needed. Note: If your account is set up under a shared email address, you should obtain an email address specific to yourself and then notify the E2 Administrator of the new email address.